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The Remarkable Coach with Micheal Pacheco

Dec 9, 2020

Episode #17

How do you market your coaching business? Are you speaking to the right people? How is your foundation?

Coaches that are featured and get recognition are not always the best. There are better coaches out there, they just do not know how to market themselves.

Make sure to simplify your website, focus on your...

Dec 4, 2020

Episode #16

Entrepreneurship is about creating your signature offer, building your brand around it, and growing from there.

Every offer is unique, and it's very important to make it distinctive and valuable. Know what your clients want most, and how they want it to be delivered to them.

Find your "soulmate" clients....

Dec 2, 2020

Episode #15

What's your branding? What are your ways of growing your business?

Personal branding is very important and it must be authentic. It correlates strongly with money, status, and personal growth.

Develop the inside so that you will not collapse on the outside.

Personal branding must be done holistically. Go...