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The Remarkable Coach with Micheal Pacheco

Jan 4, 2022

Episode #42

Are you one of those creative and technology leaders who wish to transform both your life and your business, creating a meaningful impact in the world?

Then you probably need a Conscious Leadership & Agency Growth Coach like Kelly Campbell.

This conversation touches on ways to grow personally while also fostering trust and collaboration with your team, as well as some proven strategies for business development. We also share our deep passions for social and environmental impact.

Kelly's coaching work focuses on personal development, purpose, positioning, people, pipeline, and profitability. Her knowledge of agency life - what to do, what not to do - is extremely valuable.

If you're a part of a service-based firm and you're looking to systematically and strategically grow while living a life that is truly fulfilling...well, this episode might be a perfect fit.

A Bit About Kelly

As a Conscious Leadership Coach to creative and technology leaders, Kelly helps you transform both life and agency. Delve into personal barriers and what it means to be a conscious leader — translating that into sustainable business practices that value people, the planet, and profit equally.

Having started, scaled, and sold her marketing firm in New York over 14 years, she utilizes her signature Six P's Framework to help guide personal development, purpose, positioning, people, pipeline, and profitability.

Through her video podcast, THRIVE: Your Agency Resource, listeners deepen self-awareness, leadership development, and business growth.

Most recently, she founded Consciousness Leaders — a global collective of diverse and trusted experts, helping organizations create lasting positive change. (More at

Here's a sense of the rare trifecta you can expect from her: empathetic, intuitive, and trauma-informed space to help you grow personally and foster trust and collaboration with your team, guidance on proven strategies for business development (focused on outbound, account-based marketing, and strategic partnerships), and a deep passion for social and environmental impact.